Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello lol - is there anyone out there left ???

My new year resolution was to get back as much as possible into designing and creating digital art and thus I will be able to share some of the things I have made again.

I am at present figuring out how to build my brand new website in which I will be incorporating my art, some pay to use items and some free ones.

I have been out of the art world for a couple of years so am not totally certain of the restrictions on copyrights, etc, but from now on, with my new works, if you use them would you please use the information as follows.

Please spread the word that Jenne's poser tubes are being resurrected, the old ones here seem to be still working which is a relief and I will be in touch with new developments on my website soon.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi Jenne,
    It is good to 'see' you! Happy New Year!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your unique creations, I'm a big fan.
    Ann from Wellington New Zealand

    1. Thank you sooooo much Ann, it might take me a couple of days, I need to go through my files and pick out some special ones. xxx

  2. Here, I just stumbled upon your site....Excellent poser's...:)
    Thank for your generosity

  3. Thank you Draygonfly Dreams :) I hope to have some more to share soon

  4. looking forward to seeing your new creations:)

  5. yes, most definitely! been a fan of yours for awhile now. will be glad to see you creating again :D