Monday, September 19, 2011

Set 89

Here is a preview of the four tubes in this set,
Hope you like - your comments are very welcome.

And they are very subtly different lol.


  1. Hi Jenne,

    I am so glad I found your new site. I downloaded your 4 cute little kitties, but they are all on one page and not in separate files. Do you still have a file with them as separate tubes?


  2. Ohhhh sometimes my head isn't screwed on properly, I 'rar'd the wrong file lol. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention and I have now fixed it, well I think I have, my head is a bit scrambled at the moment, I lost one of my furry friends during the week and I'm still in floods of tears. Fuzzy please let me know if I got it wrong again lol. xxx I will put in a new post to let everyone else know because I noticed it had been downloaded 13 times :-(