Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My apologies

My internet connection has had a major hiccup over the past almost week
so I haven't been able to upload anything, however all back to normal now
so back to normal tomorrow.

I have noted your comments about computer freezes - I have no idea at all
why this happens to some and not others, I have not had anyone say this on
any of my other blogs, the only thing I can think of is the template I have
loaded up but don't know why that would affect the downloading of the tubes.
My apologies for these awful things happening.

If it keeps on happening I will try a generic blogspot skin and see how that goes.
In the meantime is there any specific way you are downloading them?  Do you click
on the image to open it, do you open it in a new tab?  We will have to get to the
bottom of this

Rosie, I need to find my figure of Teo to make a "naked" one lol it may take a few days
so remind me if I don't put one in.

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